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Roulette Strategy

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Roulette Strategy - An Easy Way To Make Fast Money Online

Most roulette players of today are beset with problems on how to gain strategies so as to offset casino’s huge advantage over players. Over the years roulette gamblers spends time and effort to reach that elusive roulette strategy that will bring their game to consistent winnings thus fulfill their dream of big financial rewards. However that dream has been in the backburner for a long period as players are having much difficulty to find or come up with one effective roulette strategy. Elusive as it may seem there are roulette strategies out there waiting for the picking by these hungry roulette losers.  All these mediocre players have to do is to exert a little effort and time in looking for that winning formula.


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Chris Kaas a 15 year roulette veteran and a friend of mine for over 27 years is one roulette player whose strategy is by far the most effective I’ve come to witness. Chris approach to roulette is simple with a little logic in narrowing the gap between the house and players. This gap is the main culprit and drawback that players fail to overcome. Yet on even money bets the house still manages to have an edge over players in the tune of 2.67% nevertheless with Chris Kaas roulette strategy that figure of 2.67% can be easily negated by it. Chris simply turns the table around by using the house minimum and maximum betting limits to his advantage.


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Now what do I mean by that? We all know that each game of chance has its minimum and maximum betting limits with the purpose of which is to discourage doubling bet thereby players are sure to win even after 20 consecutive losses. Base on today’s casino practice players using doubling bet on every loss has only 5 to 6 betting chances before reaching maximum betting limits.


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For example roulette tables with minimum $1 and maximum $25 bets gives players 5 betting chances prior exceeding maximum bet. This is where my friend Chris Kaas zeros in on his roulette strategy. Chris uses this method at the casino club high stake table.


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Casino Club high stake tables have much higher betting limits than any other table. This way Chris Kaas can win bigger amounts of money using his vaunted roulette strategy. All Chris has to do is to keep on doubling his bet on every loss before he reaches maximum limit. At casino club high stake table has minimum bets of $500 and maximum of $10,000 which I’m sure is so pretty enticing enough for a huge payout for those who have a ready roulette strategy. Doubling bets always end players winning the original value of his first bet. Isn’t $1,000 a day enough earnings most especially on a long run?

Doubling bets at casino club before your luck of 7 consecutive losses is quite rare this is where my friend Chris Kaas punches his way to big payback.